Here at Rampisham Hill Farm we take pride in selling our own quality Dorset Down fleeces, as well as Jacobs, Zwartbles and Poll Dorset fleeces from local flocks, to spinners and crafters all around the world.


Raw fleece

Rampisham Hill Farm - Raw Fleece
A Dorset Down Ewe Fleece, hand-sorted and packed ready for posting.

All our fleeces receive several initial sorts by hand before packing, so you won’t get a matted lump of belly wool or a load of dags contaminating the rest of the fleece. 

Raw fleece is priced per fleece – each fleece weighs approximately 2-2.5 kg raw depending on the breed.

For postage rates please see the drop-down menu.

DORSET DOWN EWE FLEECE – prime quality – £12.00 each

DORSET DOWN EWE FLEECE – second quality – £8.00 each

POLL DORSET FLEECE – prime quality – £12.00 each

POLL DORSET FLEECE – second quality –  £8.00 each

ZWARTBLES EWE FLEECE (dark brown) – prime quality – £12.00 each

ZWARTBLES EWE FLEECE (dark brown) – second quality – £8.00 each 

DORSET DOWN & POLL DORSET BROKEN FLEECE  approx 2.5kg bag – suitable for insulation or arts and crafts – £5 each

WOOLY OFFCUTS approx 2.5kg bag – mixed breeds & colours  ideal for garden mulch or slug control – £4 each

BIRD NEST BOX WOOLY OFFCUTS – approx 1kg bag – suitable for using in bird boxes / leaving out for birds to take. – £2 each


Dorset Down Washed & Carded Batt
Dorset Down Fleece on White Paper

We have some professionally washed and carded Dorset Down and some Poll Dorset fleece available, which is priced at £2.50 per 100g – while stocks last so please email us for more details.

Please see the Hints, Tips and Information page for the individual breed fleece and fibre characteristics

We do not use any products externally on our sheep so the fleeces are free from chemicals, and contain lots of natural greases. 

SHEARLING FLEECE – a fleece from the first shear of a sheep, this makes the fleece purer and free from blemishes caused by lambing etc. It is often longer in staple length as well.

EWE FLEECE – this is fleece from female sheep who have been shorn before, and probably had a lamb in the spring, it still makes fantastic wool, but won’t be quite as pure as the shearlings. There will usually be a very small orange mark on it from when we number the sheep at lambing, this is done with a Woolboard approved marker and should wash out when you process the fleece.

RAM FLEECE – this is fleece from male sheep who have been shorn before, it is the same high quality as the ewe fleeces, but has a slight ‘masculine’ smell to it! This will wash out when you scour the fleece.

Second Quality – Fleeces with staple break, short staple length or slightly more vegetation matter (VM) within – ideal for core and filling on projects, or small scale insulation projects etc. Please contact us for more details.